How can i select more than one entity? hlp plz

I want to select a surface and transform it to a face ,select a point and transform it to a vertex...etc
my probleme is that i can't manage more than one selected object so how can i do a multiple selection without unselecting the previous selected object?can i do this with OCC5?

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Try this:
for(myAISContext->InitSelected(); myAISContext->MoreSelected();
TopoDS_Shape shape=myAISContext->SelectedShape();
//Do some with shape...

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I already find that but i still get no answer for what you call"//Do some with shape..."
I want to select two faces and get the intersection with BRepAlgoAPI_Cut , can you help me
Handle(AIS_InteractiveObject) obj = myAISContext->Current();
Handle(AIS_Shape) aShape = Handle(AIS_Shape)::DownCast (obj);
//TopoDS_Shape Courrent = aShape->Shape ();
//if(Courrent1.IsNull) Courrent1=aShape->Shape ();
//else if (Courrent2.IsNull)Courrent2=aShape->Shape ();
//TopoDS_Shape ShapeCut = BRepAlgoAPI_Cut(Courrent1,Courrent2);
//Handle (AIS_Shape) aSection = new AIS_Shape(ShapeCut);

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have you tried "ShiftSelect" as Hugues wrote?



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If your problem is to allow the user to select more than one shape, then you should do the following :
- when the user picks an object :
- get the (x,y) mouse's coordinates
- call AIS_InteractiveContext::MoveTo (x, y, view_object)
- call AIS_InteractiveContext::ShiftSelect ()

Afterwards you can browse the selected shapes as Akbari shown it.

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Thanks to All for alL,
Most included OCC samples support multiple-selection (Use Shift-MB1) click to select/unselect.
I had already found that and it's typically what you said so thanks...