how can i use occt with visual studio "2010"?

Should i compile all the code in visual studio 2010?
This seems to me a discouraging activity.
I can see that there are libs and dlls for only vs 2005(vs 8)
I should compile the code from scratch but how?
Please tell me some advise.

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Hello, merve.
OCCT install wizard contains libraries compiled with VS 2005.
So if you are going to work with OCCT in VS 2010 you have to build OCCT libraries from scratch.
Moreover you will have to upload, install or build 3rdparty products with VS 2010.
Please refer to "Building modules" and "Compilation of third-party products" chapters of OCCT Overview for more detailed information.

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I am using the VC8 precompiled libraries with VS2010. I wrote a bat file like this:


SET SOLUTION=C:\DEVEL\MyProject1\MyProject1.sln

cd C:\Apps\OpenCASCADE651\ros\
call C:\Apps\OpenCASCADE651\ros\env.bat vc8 win32 Release
start "VS2010" devenv.exe "%SOLUTION%"

Is this the wrong approach? Seems to be OK for me, works fine.

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i used not to know i can do something to work on 2010 except compiling the code in 2010.
also i do not know writing bat.
and now i am working on linux.

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and thanks for reply