How can I use WxWindows GUI?

I'd like to use the WxWindows GUI under linux. Does anybody know how to use the Xw_Window opencascade class in the WxWindows framework?

Qt and FLTK samples where not enough to give me a clue. Thanks, Paulo

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I can't tell you specifically, but in general you would do something like the following to "hook up" a wxWindow class to OpenCASCADE. The only trick is to decide what exatly to put in where I've left ? This will be a Widget in X or possibly a window handle with Microsoft winders. You'll have to figure out what, I don't know much about WXWindows.

#ifndef WIN32

myXWindow = new Xw_Window(myGraphicDevice, XtWindow(?), Xw_WQ_3DQUALITY, Quantity_NOC_GRAY20);

myXWindow = new WNT_Window(myGraphicDevice, (?), Quantity_NOC_GRAY20);