How can we use TopDS_Builder and

BRepBuilderAPI_MakeShape ? I tried to but the constructor of these classes is protected. Any Clue would be really appreciated. Best Regards. Omar Msaaf.

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The BRepBuildAPI_MakeShape is an abstract class. It is the root of all shape construction algorithms such as the classes of BRepPrimAPI, BRepBuilderAPI, etc.

This means that you can not directly call the BRepBuilderAPI_MakeShape constructor. If you want to create your own construction algorithm, you'd better:

- Create a class inheriting from BRepBuilderAPI_MakeShape

- Redefine the needed virtual methods, specially the "Build" method. The methods such as "Modified", "IsDeleted" and "Generated" do not need to be redefined depending of the usage you make of the protected fields of the class (look at the BRepBuilderAPI_MakeShape in the reference documentation for more details)

If you have any question on the methods of the class, do not hesitate! Regards,