How to check whether a Wire is Internal of a Shell?

Hi All,

how can I check whether a wire is external or internal of a Shell?


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My question was too wrong / fool, or nobody knows?

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I am not aware of OCC functions but here is what I think is a way:

i. get the vertices that makes the wire/edges which you want to test may be you can use TopExp.
ii. now loop over over the edges that make the shell and test if any of the vertices obtained in i are outside or inside the edges.


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You may find something useful in ShapeAnalysis package.

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I've found what I need in ShapeAnalysis_FreeBounds.

Thank you

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Hi Sergey,

this class gives me the wires of a Shell, and it does it very well.
But there is a way to know which Wire is the external and which is the holes of the Shell?

Thank you.