How to compute intersection of two 3D curve?

Hi, everybody:

I come across a very basic problem: how to compute the intersection of one line and one circle? ( in 3D space ). And more general, how to compute intersections of two 3D curve? i.e. Geom_Curve?

It seems very easy, but I couldn't find any solution directly in OCC. There is Geom2dAPI_InterCurveCurve, or
GeomAPI_IntCS & IntSS, but there is no GeomAPI_IntCC!

Could somebody help me?


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did you try GeomAPI_ExtremaCurveCurve and test if the LowerDistance < Precision::Confusion() ?

Just a workaround.

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I am trying to make a sketcher. For that I have already completed making of Points, Lines and Circles interactively. For creation of Point using the intersection option I have converted the two 3d curves to 2d using GeomAPI::To2d, computed the intersection point using Geom2dAPI_InterCurveCurve and made the gp_Pnt2d result back to 3d. It works.