How to contribute and CVS access


1. I wonder if it is possible to contribute to OCC source code. At least, if I corrected a bug, I would like to be able to submit my modifications to OCC and get a trace when it is integrated in the current development version.
I have looked to several pages in and and didn't found any useful information about user contribution.

2. Related to my first point, how to access CVS sources by web interface ( is no longer reachable) ?

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Hello Jean-Michel,

Thank you for posting this question.

1. You may still contribute to Open CASCADE. Please just send us your modifications at Certainly, you should keep in mind that sending modifications does not automatically lead to their fast appearance in Open CASCADE (moreover we do not even commit on integrating them). As you might know, every contribution needs to be first assessed by our experts for its relevance, compliance with other code, coding rules, etc. Additionally, they require non-regression testing and extending our test case to ensure non-regression in the future.
This all is connected with our investments, resource allocation and this can only be done according to our available resources not booked for customer projects.

2. As far as CVS is concerned, it has never been a prerequisite for sending a contribution. CVS was last updated in July 2002 and version 5.0 is available for download only at In the future we plan to provide only stable releases continuously replacing each other. Thus, CVS becomes no longer relevant and we have recently withdrawn it from the site.

Hope this will make things more clear for you.

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Hello Forum supervisor,

I'm quite disappointed that OpenCascade source code is no longer available by CVS.
Because if I (or another person) make a contribution (debug or improvement), even if you integrate the modifications in your current development version, it will not be available until next release of OCC.
As the roadmap of future release of OCC is not published I may expect to see the modifications maybe next year.

Nevermind, to share my debug with others I may send a message in this forum.

Best Regards.

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I personall don't think it is a good idea to stop the CVS.
You sometimes need a CVS version because it has some bug fixes or improvements people could use. The new BOP project is a good example. We could play or develop with it and as release 5 was out some of our functions already use BOP. It's sometimes enough for check out a "beta" release having no write access - but only having stable releases for an open source project?

Sad to hear you stop to CVS,