How to convert .pcd file into a STEP file

I am trying to convert a pcd file into a STEP file. How should I proceed going towards that task

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There is no direct way: these formats contain different kinds of data (PCD is made for raw point clouds and STEP is intended for storing a CAD model, usually in BREP format).

Try to give more information on your whole process (what you have and what you are trying to achieve) -- there could be other ways to go.

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I input two files, 1 STEP and the other .pcd. I convert the STEP file into a point cloud by first converting the STEP file into stl and then converting the stl file into a point cloud. I then compare this point cloud with the PCD file and I get the points that are not the same in the both the files. I want these files converted into a STEP file.

So, I thought I should convert these points into PCD and then there might be a way to convert the PCD into a STEP.

Hope this information helps

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Hello ABV,

I think Vishesh Chanana use the 3rd-party library: pcl, the PCD is a file format in pcl.

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I used PCL to conver the pcd file into a triangulated mesh using the triangulation greedy algorithm. I am now able to save the triangulated mesh into a .vtk file. How can I go about converting this .vtk file into a STEP file??

Thanks again.

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