How to create an arc

Can anyone help me in creating an arc.

I am creating circle by,
gp_Pnt rad_xypos(l_gpPnt.X(),l_gpPnt.Y(),0);
gp_Dir dir(l_gpPnt.X(),l_gpPnt.Y(),l_gpPnt.Z());
gp_Ax2 axis(rad_xypos,dir);
Handle(Geom_Circle) Geomcirc1 = new Geom_Circle(C1);
Handle(AIS_Circle) circle1 = new AIS_Circle(Geomcirc1);

I want to create an arc from the circle mentioned above. After creation how to display the arc.

Thanks & Regards

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Hi Vidhyan,

I'd consider displaying curves with the help of edges and respectively AIS_Shape. This will give you all the flexibility:

TopoDS_Edge anEdge = BRepBuilderAPI_MakeEdge (Geomcirc1, aU1, aU2);
Handle(AIS_Shape) anAISEdge = new AIS_Shape (anEdge);

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot Roman Lygin. It helped me a lot

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On a mouse click i am drawing a circle of radius 10. but how to find the aU1 and aU2 in the circle then only we can able to draw the arc right.


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If you have start and end points of arc, you can project them to circle to find aU1 and aU2

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Maili. Thanks for your Reply.

Now i am able to create the arc