How to create object in runtime.


How can I create object using the type information. In MFC, if you declare a class use the DECLARE_DYNCREATE, then you can can create a object like
pRuntimeClassObj->CreateObject(). how to do in OCC.


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I couldn't find any RTTI available in OCC for creating object, the following is the DEFINE_STANDARD_RTTI macro:

Standard_EXPORT friend Handle_Standard_Type& C1##_Type_(); \
Standard_EXPORT const Handle(Standard_Type)& DynamicType() const ; \
Standard_EXPORT Standard_Boolean IsKind(const Handle(Standard_Type)&) const ;

No any structure available for danamic creation.

But you can do it yourself. I write a very simple one: you can easily write your own.

#define DECLARE_DYNAMIC(classname)\
Handle_Standard_Transient yourCreate##classname();

#define IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC(classname)\
Handle_Standard_Transient yourCreate##classname()\
{ return new classname; }

#define RUNTIME_CREATE(classname) yourCreate##classname()

of course, there must be a default constructor with classname. If you want to create a class by its string name as in Java, you can maintain a hash table to deal with it.

What I am most interested is: which application context in OCC is need this mechanism?
Can you tell me your design idea?


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Yeah, your idea is good, but the the name of your macro is same as MFC's:-)

My idea of doing so is that I can create my object according to some other information, such as an id. I register all of the id with an runtime object such as Standard_Integer with an Standard_Type, then in future in my code, I will call like this:



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Sorry, I forget we are both using MFC. :-)