How to create a surface?

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I have a simple question. I tried to find out few materials over internet. But I could not gather much information on this. How can I build/construct a surface based on a set of 3D points and edges connecting these points? I tried the example shown in this link here:


This is what I have done so far, without positive results. Experienced people kindly give some information on this and let me know what is it that I am missing.


//constants for algorithm

    const Standard_Integer aNbIter = 5; //number of algorithm iterations

    const Standard_Integer aNbPnts = 10; //sample points per each constraint

    const Standard_Integer aDeg = 3; //requested surface degree ? const Standard_Integer aMaxDeg = theMaxDeg;

    const Standard_Integer aMaxSeg = 10000;

    const Standard_Real aTol3d = 1.e-04;

    const Standard_Real aTol2d = 1.e-05;

    const Standard_Real anAngTol = 1.e-02; //angular

    const Standard_Real aCurvTol = 1.e-01; //curvature


    gp_Pnt p1(0, 0, 0);

    gp_Pnt p2(0, 10, 10);

    gp_Pnt p3(10, 10, 5);

    gp_Pnt p4(10, 0, -5);


    Handle(Geom_TrimmedCurve) aSegment1 = GC_MakeSegment(p1, p2);

    Handle(Geom_TrimmedCurve) aSegment2 = GC_MakeSegment(p2, p3);

    Handle(Geom_TrimmedCurve) aSegment3 = GC_MakeSegment(p3, p4);

    Handle(Geom_TrimmedCurve) aSegment4 = GC_MakeSegment(p4, p1);


    TopoDS_Edge anEdge1 = BRepBuilderAPI_MakeEdge(aSegment1);

    TopoDS_Edge anEdge2 = BRepBuilderAPI_MakeEdge(aSegment2);

    TopoDS_Edge anEdge3 = BRepBuilderAPI_MakeEdge(aSegment3);

    TopoDS_Edge anEdge4 = BRepBuilderAPI_MakeEdge(aSegment4);


    TopoDS_Face myFace;


    Handle(GeomAdaptor_HCurve) aCurve1 = new GeomAdaptor_HCurve(


    Handle(GeomAdaptor_HCurve) aCurve2 = new GeomAdaptor_HCurve(


    Handle(GeomAdaptor_HCurve) aCurve3 = new GeomAdaptor_HCurve(


    Handle(GeomAdaptor_HCurve) aCurve4 = new GeomAdaptor_HCurve(



    TColStd_ListOfTransient theBoundaries;






    Handle(Geom_Surface) aRes;


    GeomPlate_BuildPlateSurface aPlateBuilder;


    TColStd_ListIteratorOfListOfTransient anIt (theBoundaries);

    if (anIt.More())


        int i = 1;

        for (; anIt.More(); anIt.Next(), i++)


            const Handle(Standard_Transient)& aCur = anIt.Value();

            if (aCur.IsNull())


                std::cout << "IS NULL" << std::endl;

                Standard_ConstructionError::Raise ("ACISAlgo::MakeSurface()");



            else if (aCur->IsKind (STANDARD_TYPE (Adaptor3d_HCurveOnSurface)))


                //G1 constraint

                const Handle(Adaptor3d_HCurveOnSurface)& aHCOS = Handle(Adaptor3d_HCurveOnSurface)::DownCast (aCur);

                Handle (GeomPlate_CurveConstraint) aConst =

                        new GeomPlate_CurveConstraint (aHCOS, 1 /*GeomAbs_G1*/, aNbPnts, aTol3d, anAngTol, aCurvTol);

                aPlateBuilder.Add (aConst);


            else if (aCur->IsKind (STANDARD_TYPE (GeomAdaptor_HCurve)))


                //G0 constraint

                const Handle(GeomAdaptor_HCurve)& aHC = Handle(GeomAdaptor_HCurve)::DownCast (aCur);

                Handle (GeomPlate_CurveConstraint) aConst =

                        new GeomPlate_CurveConstraint (aHC, 0 /*GeomAbs_G0*/, aNbPnts, aTol3d);

                aPlateBuilder.Add (aConst);




                Standard_TypeMismatch::Raise ("ACISAlgo::MakeSurface()");






        Standard_ConstructionError::Raise ("ACISAlgo::MakeSurface()");




    if (!aPlateBuilder.IsDone())


        // return aRes;

        std::cout << "Failed building plate" << std::endl;




    const Handle(GeomPlate_Surface)& aPlate = aPlateBuilder.Surface(); //approximation (see BRepFill_Filling - when no initial surface was given)

    TopoDS_Shape resShape = BRepBuilderAPI_MakeFace(aPlateBuilder.SurfInit(), 0.00001);

    BRepTools::Write(resShape, "makeFace1.brep");


I am not yet sure whether I am on the right path or not.


Thanks in advance

Rakesh Patil

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Forgot to mention that the geometry in the above example is the closed polygon in 3D space.

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I am still trying to get the surface from the set of outline points. The above piece of code did not give me expected output. May be I am doing something really wrong. Is there anything else in OCCT which I am not aware and help me to achieve my goal? Kindly guide me to build a surface from the set of points.

Thanks & Regards

Rakesh Patil

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Hello Rakesh,

I think that you should convert GeomPlate_Surface object to the standard spline geometry. It can be performed using GeomPlate_MakeApprox class. After that, you can convert a result to a face.


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Hi I have made an online OCC Explorer:

Here is an example that uses BRepFill_Filling:

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I see that my application crashes when GeomPlate_MakeApprox is called. Below is my updated code:

gp_Pnt ph[9];

ph[0] = gp_Pnt(11.76, -25.57, 0);

ph[1] = gp_Pnt(14.38, -16.54, 2);

ph[2] = gp_Pnt(16.55, -17.12, 4);

ph[3] = gp_Pnt(25.35, -13.21, 1.5);

ph[4] = gp_Pnt(26.89, -8.92, 3);

ph[5] = gp_Pnt(34.87, -17.44, 5);

ph[6] = gp_Pnt(26.78, -33.18, 2);

ph[7] = gp_Pnt(19.25, -33.06, 1);

ph[8] = gp_Pnt(20.32, -26.19, 1);

GeomPlate_BuildPlateSurface BPSurf(3, 16, 5);

for(Standard_Integer i=0; i< 9; ++i)


//add point constraint

Handle(GeomPlate_PointConstraint) PCont = new GeomPlate_PointConstraint(ph[i], 0);




if(BPSurf.IsDone() == true)


std::cout << "Is done" << std::endl;




std::cout << "Not done" << std::endl;


Standard_Integer MaxSeg=8;

Standard_Integer MaxDegree=7;

Standard_Integer CritOrder=0;

Standard_Real dmax, Tol;

dmax = Max(0.0001,10*BPSurf.G0Error());


GeomPlate_MakeApprox mapp(BPSurf.Surface(),Tol,MaxSeg,MaxDegree,dmax,CritOrder);

Handle(Geom_BSplineSurface) surf = mapp.Surface();

I thought the problem might be with my own code. So I tried executing the example given in the PDF below:

Page number 34.

This sample example also crashes when the approximation class is instantiated. I am working on MAC OSX with clang 64. What might be causing the crash issue?