How to determined if two TopoDS_EDGEs is connected and tangent£¿

I need to make a test. Any reply is appreciated!

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TopExp::CommonVertex should be enough to know if they are connected.

To check if they are tangent (same direction?), build a gp_Vec from the two points of the Edge and check if they are parallel.

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TopExp::CommonVertex works well! Thank you, Paul!

However, it seems that build a gp_Vec can not determined if two connected edges are tangented or not.

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Good morning,
normally when I check for C1 continuity I generate two gp_Vec at the relevant connection vertex and compare the directions. If they differ +/- an error value of a few degrees then they are C1 connected. Of course this applies for either 0°+/- the error value or 180°+/- the error value.

Hope this helps.