How did you learn to use Open Cascade ?


I am a new user of Open Cascade and I am loosing a lot of time concerning the gathering of informations, especially the basic information.

After learning how to create primitives, boolean operations and topological types, I am now trying to understand how surfaces and curves are making, transforming and so one...

So I would like to know if some of you have some tips to quickly learn the basic Open Cascade's knowledges.

Thanks for your attention


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Hello Jean-Sebastien,

To get started with Open CASCADE I'd recommend you:
- reading Technical Documentation (different overviews, User's Guides, etc),
- learning the Tutorial application,
- investigating several dozens of samples (either MFC-based on Windows or packed into a cross-platform Java
- experimenting in the Draw Test Harness that will demonstrate work of many algorithms, including modeling.

Of course, like any other complex software Open CASCADE can require a good deal of time to learn on your own. To
accomplish more efficient start and short learning curve we offer various training courses - from Fundamental program
to a specialized session. The way can be also different - from e-learning to on-site training. Please visit for different options.

If you need a professional support along development of your project take advantage of one of our a-la carte technical
support programs. More details can be found on or email to

Best regards,
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don't hesitate about "try and error". Don't belive the
manuals, only the source tells U the truth!