How to disable automatic hilights, but keep mouse Detection


I would like to use the mouse-detection capabilities of an AIS_InteractiveContext without active Highlighting.
My goal is to group individual objects (lines, points, planes and shapes) to 'Assemblies' of which all contained objects should be highlighted once a member-object has been detected under at the current mouseposition (set with moveTo).

My problem is that I need to disable auto-highlighting to prevent it form interfereing with my own highligting, but I don't seem to be able to switch of the Auto-Highlighting without disabling detection as well.
(And for AIS_Lines, even disabling does not work.)

I tried to switch of auto-hilighting - which didn't work. Then i researched the forum only to find that others had the same problems. Someone suggested the solution to set an undefined hilightmode. This _did_ deactivate automatic highlightimg (except for AIS_Line), but it also deactivated Detection.

So, I am pretty much stuck.
Has anyone of You experienced similar probelms, or has a hint for me?

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myAISContext->Hilight(myAISContext->DetectedInteractive(), true).

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Thank you,

That's the way I already tried.
This way it is supposed to work, but it doesn't:

Hilighting my objects manually does work, but setAutomaticHighlight does not show any effect.
Objects are still Highlighted if they are touched by the mouse pointer.

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If you only need detection of AIS object, you might want to use the Pick method from the selector (this is what is done by the MoveTo method from AIS_InteractiveContext) and handle everything yourself (look at the source code in AIS_InteractiveContext_1.cxx / MoveTo method). It's pretty straightforward, you use the selector from AIS_InteractiveContext::MainSelector() like it's done in the MoveTo method (selector->Pick(XPix, YPix, aView)) and you iterate over detected objects and do what you want with them.

Good Luck,

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Thanks a lot, that approach works like a charm!

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Many thanks for your help. It's working cool !