How to display different colour in a shape based on the value of every point in the shape?

Hi,everyone!I am working on a model's post-processing,I need to display different kind of colour in a shape based on the value of every point in the shape,but I have no idea about how to achieve it at now, do any one know about it?

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Dear raulrunner,
OPEN CASCADE has strong experience in developing solutions for post-processing.
In particular, in association with our partners we develop SALOME ( - a framework providing pre- and post-processing capabilities.
We shall be happy to offer you our professional assistance in the frames of a support program and find a solution acceptable for you. If you will find it reasonable you may contact us via the Contact Form

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My Problem is, that I use boolean operations for the intersection of to iges-files.

I would like to change the color of the model1 or model2 or the result.

And I have a second problem. the brepalgoapi_common can not be used with every simple 3d-object. Why? Can I implement an ifelse for testing intersection?

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Why I cannot do an boolean cut with IGES-files that have a color.