How to display some text on the viewer ?

Hi everybody,

I need to display some words in the right bottom hand side of the viewer. do someone knows how to do that ?

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It's the same question as "displaying a rubber line" or something else on the window. I think you should use the native WIN32/X11 api or something similar. In the end, you have the Handle of the window , so it should'nt be a problem to draw some text into it, at every PAINT message.
A little more tricky would be the display of rubber lines. If someone knows how to "force to a plane" the mouse conversion routines in a 3d view, it would be usefoul (to dinamically draw a line on a plane and viewing the whole thing from another point of view). Suggestions?

A [wiki]FAQ collecting all the forum's questions would be nice. I could host / do the whole thing, but some work will be needed to read back the forum and compile the initial list of common problems / solutions... Volunteers?

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