how to do some operations with TopoDS_Edge objects

now ,i try to do some develop based on OCCT, i meet a hard nut to crack.i set the select mode in TopAbs_EDGE mode: myAISContext->ActivateStandardMode(TopAbs_EDGE);
and i select some edges(not all edge).
i want to set these selected edges not to be meshed in my mesh function(external fuction not provided by OCCT),however i find there is not any data member in the TopoDS_Edge class i can use to label these edge,
i hope any body can give me some advices or an example is also welcome!
i try to add data menber in the class TopoDS_Edge,however it seems can not do as i want

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Do you mean you want to exclude selected edges from a solid to be meshed? Then how will the mesh algo find the boundaries of the solid? Or you want only the individual faces of the solid to be meshed? If that is the case, you can iterate through all faces of the solid using TopExp_Explorer and then send then to the mesh algo.

Example to find all the Faces in the Shape S :

TopExp_Explorer Ex;
for (Ex.Init(S,TopAbs_FACE); Ex.More(); Ex.Next())

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thank Sharjith Naramparambath;
i am sorry i do not make myself clear,what i want to do is Set the mesh size on the choosed edge different from the rest!for example, i want mesh an square in the specified size,in two edges size maybe 5,in the other two edges size equal to i only can select the edges,i can do any further, i find that there is not any member data i can use to mark the different size. hope some one can tell me