How to find DLL or Lib files the MFC application used

Hi, everybody
I am a new one to the OCC.
I want to employ some functions, like BRepAlgoAPI_Cut in my own 3D application to make a section and so on. Now I can implement it based on the sample programms supplied by open CASCADE. That means the implentation now must use mfcsample.dll and mfcsample.lib.
1).if I just interested BRepAlgoAPI_Cut, how can I find its dependence *.dll and *.lib? and
2).Is it difficult to make OCC MFC application without help of mfcsample?
If someone has done those, could you give me some details?
Thank you very much!

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Hello Lijuan,

1.: you might want to take a look here:

The libraries are named lib.dll
If you want to use BRepAlgoAPI_Cut you have to link your program against libTKBO.dll; =TKBO.

Unfortunately I can't answer your second question, I'm not programming under MS Windows.



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Thanks, Dennis!
The link is helpful!
Another question is about Handle thing, like Handle_V3d_Viewer, Handle_AIS_Shape, Handle(Geom_Plane), etc. Which dll/ lib are they related to? I just can find Handle *.hxx in the folder "ros\inc". If I want to use Handle_V3d_Viewer, Handle_AIS_Shape, Handle(Geom_Plane), etc in my own MFC application, should I include Handle *.hxx in my code?
And which dll/lib shoulb be linked?

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You do not need to include the Handle_*.hxx header files.

Do you already know Roman's OCC Blog?

The above link might be useful; especially when you're thinking about using the Handle-concept with your own classes.

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