How to find if point lays on planar TopoDS_Face?


How can I find, if the 3D point lays on the TopoDS_Face. I tried BRepClass_FaceClassifier, but without success.

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I had the same problem. I think it always returned out, or maybe always on, not sure now.

I modified the BRepClass_FaceClassifier::Perform function and added myExtrem.Perform(P); after myExtrem.Initialize(...) and it seems to work. I looked like nothing was being done with myExtrem thouygh it is hard to belive that this line could be missing.


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Perhaps you can register a bug ?

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I also have the same problem. Could you tell me in detail how to do it? Or can anyone else help me to solve the problem?

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You could try BRepExtrema_ExtPF directly and compare the distance to see if it's inside your tolerance.