how to get the geometric parametre of the (face, wire, edge, and vertex) from a TopoDS

i woued like to get all the geometric information of the(face,wire, edge, and vertex)from a TopoDS.

for exemple : for vertex vertex i like to determinate the coordonniate gp_Pnt(X,Y,Z)

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have a look at BRep_Tool::Surface ::Curve ::Pnt.
Alternatively, you can use the BRepAdaptor_Curve and _Surface classes.

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For edgee you can use subclasses of Adaptor3D_Curve
For faces subclasses of Adaptor3D_Surface

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think you for reply:
how i can display the paramter of vertex for exemple in The window of console application:
for exemple i like to display the coordoniate of gp_Pnt:

gp_Pnt ageometricPoint=BRepTool::Pnt(acurrentVertex)

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