How to get geometry of underlying TopoDS_Shape Objects

I am learning OCC so please help me:
For various TopoDS_Shape objects like TopoDS_Edge, TopoDS_Vertex etc, is there a way to get the geometry objects which make up the TopoDS_Shape objects? for example, for a given TopoDS_Vertex, how can I inquire or get gp_Pnt which makes up TopoDS_Vertex? similarly for TopoDS_Edge ?

is BRep_Tool::Pnt() is the only way? to get the vertex point? how about higher topologies?



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Hi Venu,

You need to use BRep_Tool to get underlying geometry.
Read Modeling Data User's Guide. You can also check the following blog posts:


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Thanks Roman...I will read your blogposts. Thanks again for all the work you do for beginners like me.