How to get "islands" from cut operations

Hello suppose I have object A which is a box and object B which is a cylindrical shell. If I perform a cut operation cut(A, B) the resulting box now has a "island" that was cut out by the cylindrical shell. I was wondering if there is a quick way to retrieve this "island". I was not able to find anyone talking about this on the forums sorry in advance if this has already been discussed here.

Currently I implemented a naive solution where I perform a BFS search to group faces together. With this method I am able to get the "islands" but I was wondering if OCCT has a native implementation for this or if someone has a better suggestion than my BFS search implementation.

Thank you !
- Alfredo

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I was able to figure out a better solution !

Using the TopExp and re looking at the documentation. More specially this line "The result of the Boolean operation is a compound (if defined). Each sub-shape of the compound has shared sub-shapes in accordance with interferences between the arguments." helped.


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sorry man... this platform isn't as helpful as one would hope it to be. we'll try to be more active and hopefully make it a better learning environment!