How to get length of line

So I iterator through the edges of a face using the TopExp_Explorer object and for each edge I get a Geom_Curve via BRep_Tool::Curve(...) call. I then use a GeomAdapter_Curve object to get the type of curve which is used in a switch statement. In the case of a line I can get the position of the line as well as a direction but the direction is always normalized. How do I find out the length of the line? I use GeomAdaptor_Curve::Line() function to get a gp_Lin object. Thanks.

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U can get the fist point & the last point
then calculate the length

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Thank you!

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Hello, this link doesn't work for me, can you please tell me how I can find the first and last point for the gp_Lin object?

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I compute the length of curves like this:

CPnts_AbscissaPoint::Length(curve, parameter1, parameter2, 1.0e-4);


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Sorry, but length of a line is INFINITE )

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Compute edge length?

Way 1.

  double length = CPnts_AbscissaPoint::Length(BRepAdaptor_Curve(edge));


  GProp_GProps props;
  BRepGProp::LinearProperties(edge, props);
  double length = props.Mass();