How to get a silhouette?

Does anybody know how to get a silhouette of a shape? I successfully use HLR algorithms to get a 2D view of a model, and it seems that HLR can solve this problem too, but I don't understand how. I use HLRBRep_HLRToShape to filter results of Hide() operation, but how can I combine shapes from HLRToShape to obtain only a silhouette? May be there is some other solutions without HLR?

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I also am looking for silhouettes of a shape, but I mean 3d outline curves too (lying on the surfaces), not just their projection on the "view" plane.
Maybe they are found somewhere inside the HLRBRep or HLRTopoBRep algorithmns.

Any advice?


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Can u enlighten by sharing some output in any other CAD system ?
- pg