How To Get Tessellated triangles from TopoDS_Face?


I'm quite novice for OpenCascade.
I'd like to get 3D vertices and triangle sequences for the purpose of shaded face rendering.
I am using my own OpenGL VBO renderer, so the only thing I need is vertices and triangles for a certain face.
I found "Poly_Triangulation" data structure and "BRepTools::Triangulation()" function which is validate the triangulated result. But applying this function on my TopoDS_Face object, result is always false, it means there's no triangulated result. I guess that before using Triangulation function, there's some function to triangulate the face.

I have 3rd party surface mesher which can mesh TopoDS_Face object but I had to decide the optimal mesh size and sometimes it fails to mesh, and slow performance also.

How can I triangulate (tessellate) TopoDS_Face object using OpenCascade library for the display purpose?

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Problem Solved !!

I found BRepMesh::Mesh() function. It works fine.