how to have open cascade running on mac os X

Did anyone succed to have open cascade running on mac os X ?
if ?

thank you in advance !

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Search for "OS X" in the forum, and you will see my efforts. Basically the current build structure and assumptions is flawed in such a way as to not work properly on OS X. Obviously it was only tested on a limited number of UNIX platforms.

I gave up for the moment due to other pressures.

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sorry to rip your dreams too. Forget OS X with OCC. I dreamt about it too but the loss of time is not compensated at all.
So if you really need it, try the OpenSource-Version of OS X, guess it is called Darwin. Combine this with OCC.
But the best thing is: Install Linux (Mandrake or Suse 7.3...) on your engine and work with this.

It is doing just fine. YOu have to set the compiler-flags in your Makefile to "-PowerPC" and I guess (check it out on older messages on the forum) "#define PPC" in some header-files.

I am not going to sneak that upon you, it will take a lot of efforts to do it. But this works out in the end, unlike MAc OS X.

Good Look.


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Really there is absolutely no technical reason at all why OCC would not build on OS X.
"OpenSource-Version of OS X, guess it is called Darwin" is not a factual statement. Darwin is the kernel of OS X -
OS X "is" Darwin 6.6, and the underpinnings of OS X are 100% UNIX. The port of OCC to OS X should be no more difficult than the port to any non-Linux UNIX.

I spent a few hours on the port and got a long way through the build process but finally got stuck with a problem that was more related to some assumptions made by the build process. It just appears that the build process was only tested on Linux not any other flavour of UNIX.
I had hoped that whoever maintains the build may show enough professional interest to comment on this forum - obviously not!

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Hey hey calm down,
if you managed something really unique, who says that we do not care about it ?
Maybe the majority of the forum does not use Apple-related engines.
But I am one of the minority that does use Power PCs. Sadly so, not for OCC 5.0.

So let us know more about it. It would be a great benefit for OCC to master the world of Apple and Clones.

So calm down, we are not against you.