How IGES files are created?

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Which tool is used for creating IGES files?



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Try IGESControl_Writer.

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Not using OCC, but other tools like AutoCAD?


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I would suggest that you are on the wrong forum for that. As far as I know, most CAD systems allow for the export of IGES files. Some, however, require you to purchase an additional module. Depending on the revision and flavor of AutoCAD, you may need to purchase it. To find out, try typing IGESOUT at the AutoCAD command line.

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take care with outputing IGES or STEP from CAD tools.
sometimes, the outputs are not good.
that means that if you are reading an IGES or STEP file with OpenCASCADE to translate it into shape, and the resulting shape in not good (not valid, or not what you are expecting), be sure that the problem is in OpenCASCADE and not because of a crappy output of your CAD tool.

just my 2 cents.


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Not really true.
Many CAD systems especially a few years-old (CATIA V4 or early releases of V5) have poor IGES output (inconsistent 2D/3D boundary reps, wrong orientation, etc). IGES import module of OCC does its best to recover geometry. It may certainly fail and mismatch initial designer's intent in the case of inconsistent info in the file.
You may want to use different control parameters impacting IGES (as well as other formats) import to take maximum of your IGES file.

Hope this helps.


P.S. A hint to check if your model has been exported well - try to import it back into the original CAD system.