how to install

I'm new to linux. I've downloaded all the files and am confused on how to install open cascade. I unzipped the files and dont know how to start the program.

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Hi !

Open Cascade itself is not a program it is a set of libraries for modeling, but it does contain the DRAW application that lets you try most functions.

The readme file included with the download explains how to get it up and running, there is also a good tutorial at:

If you have just downloaded the files and don't now how to install them, then you need to unpack the files.

Make a subdirectory on your disk where you want it to be installed, for example /usr/local/occ

Each file is gzipped and you use gzip to unpack the files, foe each file do:

gzip -d filename

This will produce a file with a .tar extension that conatins all the files, type:

tar xvf name_of_tar_file

This will install the files for you, do the same for all the other files to, you can do the gzip/tar in one single command if you want to, take a look at the manual pages for these tools:

I hope this helps a bit.

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If you have downloaded a run-time library, you can see a little demo by doing this: (provided you downloaded OpenCascade in /usr/local/occ as prescribed by Michael)

anyprompt> csh csh> csh>setenv CASROOT /usr/local/occ csh>cd ${CASROOT}/src/DrawResources csh>chmod +x ./demo csh>./demo (..wait about 20 seconds the following prompt will appear) Draw> source demo.tcl