How to istall OCCT 6.5.4 in vs10??

Dear ForamSupervisor,
I have downloaded OCCT version 6.5.4 and installed it also. Now I want to build it on VS10. I am building OCCT.sln itself. I have provided 2 env variables:-
CASROOT = C:\OpenCASCADE6.5.4\ros

Now when I am building the solutuion in "Debug" mode... it is giving linking error "fatal error LNK1123: failure during conversion to COFF: file invalid or corrupt".
And also it is not building the .DLL in bind folder.
But it is creating files in libd.

I have read the installation document but it is not helping me.

Please help me in the same as early as possible.

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Ankit,
You can find exhaustive description of OCCT rebuilding process at the chapter
"Welcome to Open CASCADE Technology/Building Modules" of OCCT html documentation
(see ...\doc\overview sub-folder).
Don't forget that rebuilding of OCCT you should first rebuild 3rd party products.