how to model terrain using DRAW


I am a new user of OpenCASCADE. I am trying to generate a 3D surface to model the topography of an area.

I am using the "surfapp" within the test harness DRAW to generate the surface in the following:

surfapp s 186 120 \
x1 y1 z1 \
x2 y2 z2 \
xN yN zN

The (x,y,z) triplets contain the elevation data at 22,320 locations. The "surfapp" command finished without giving any error information. But it hangs when I try to view the generated surface using "view 0 AXON".

My question is

1. is there a better way to generate terrain geometry using opencascade?

2. how should I display the generated terrain geometry?

Thanks in advance for any help on this problem.

Best regards,
Po Chen

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Hi Po,

did you find a solution to this?
I am also interested in importing digital elevation models (DEM) into OpenCascade.
The format in three columns x, y, z would be exactly, what I have.

So, if you found a solution for this, I would be very interested in this.

Thanks and greetings from Switzerland,

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Dear all,

Please pay your attention to our advanced component called "Surface from Scattered Points". You may read more information about this component on our web page at .

Best regards,
Forum supervisor