How to order a wire


I have a wire from the "OuterWire" of one face of a solid and when I convert its edges in a readable format I get that the Edges are not ordered.
I think this is because the edges are shared between the faces of the shape.
But, How can I order the edges of the wire ?

I have tried to do it with ShapeFix_Wire but the edges are not ordered. Why ?

ShapeFix_Wire fixWire(aWire,theFace,1E-10);
aWire = fixWire.WireAPIMake();

Is there any other method to do this ?

Fabian Hachenberg's picture

In the Wire data structure, edge are not stored in any geometry order. In order to traverse them ordered after their connection, use
BRepTools_WireExplorer or ShapeExtend_WireData