How to output Text to HPGL2

Hi body,
now, I want to output text to hpgl2, and there are many point coordinates in HPGL2, so I want to explode text to polygon.
As far as I know, there is a function which can explode text to polygon in AutoCAD. In OCC, whether have the same function?

Or, my ideal is wrong to output text to hpgl2, who can give me some suggestion?

By the way, whether the functions which describe in online document are ok or more stable? And, the functins which are not describe
in online document are not stable and they may not finish, is it right?


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about HPGL, I don't know ( BTW, it was an HPGL driver in OpenCASCADE 3.0 )

But about the last part of your message ( documentation ), all the functions in the release version of OpenCASCADE are supposed to work. If not, it is a bug.
The fact that there is no documentation about some ( a lot ) classes is just a problem with OCC.
BTW, if only the documentated class were supposed to work, OCC will only be a piece of crap with 90% of non-working code ;-)

Just my 2 cents.

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Wow !