How to persist OCC shapes converted from STEP?

Hi. I am evaluating OCC. Reading documentation I do not see a ready to go way to persist shapes created / loaded in memory. Suppose I have loaded a STEP file. It is significant conversion. Is there a way to persist (save, close application, reload) the set of shapes with all information in native to OCC format?
OCAF documents does not seem to be a solution as it expects Function drivers to be supplied by the dveloper. Am I wrong?.
Thank you

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Hi Nikolai,
OCCT has ready to use services to keep shapes depending on your needs.
You may keep it
1) in BRep format (OCCT native format) using services of BRepTools package.
2) or in one of formats proposing by OCAF document services.
If you are using standard attributes (which are part of OCCT delivery) you can use
ready to use services of TDocStd_Application.
Also you may overlook "Extended Data Exchange (XDE)User’s Guide" which provide ready to use DE solution based on OCAF usage.

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Thank you, This is encouraging. I will look closer at all options again