How to read step files with external references

Such as title.
I fond the description in "STEPCAFControl_Reader.hxx" is that "This reader supports reading files with external references".
But i can't find the method to read files with external references.

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I find the solution. Before reading assembly structure step file, we must read the part step files.

LoadStep: TCVS1_v002/_TCVS1_handle.stp

LoadStep: TCVS1_v002/_TCVS1_rod.stp

LoadStep: TCVS1_v002/_TCVS1_handle.stp //This and all above files are part step files.

LoadStep: TCVS1_v002/TCVS1_v002.stp //This is assembly structure step file

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New issue:
How to read assembly structure step file without part step files.
I just want to use the assembly info.

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How to close this topic?
I have solved this problem.
It's my wrong that the inputed path contains error code.