How to rebuild Opencascade5.1 ?


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When I rebuild the first .dsw file( FoundationClasses.dsw ),
I find out these errors:
"D:\OpenCASCADE5.1\ros\src\Units\Units_Unit.cxx(116) : error C2018: unknown character '0xbb'
D:\OpenCASCADE5.1\ros\src\Units\Units_Unit.cxx(116) : error C2001: newline in constant
D:\OpenCASCADE5.1\ros\src\Units\Units_Unit.cxx(117) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before '}'"

Where can I do for help?
Thanks for any help.

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First of all you could have a look at the lines that the compiler complains about, maybe you can figure out what is going on by doing that, I don't have the OCC source code any longer on my harddisk so I cannot help you.

Also check that you have #defined all things you need to compile OCC on windows, also make sure you have not got a corrupt source file or anything like that 0xbb sounds a bit wacky.


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Thanks for your help!
My source file is from "".I think that it's no problem.
The line that the compiler complains about is "cout<<"?<

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What it your compiler?
VC.NET or VC6.0

VC.NET will does not work.