How to reduce Display objects in v3d_View

I'd like to dispaly millions of points in V3d_View

The related codes is like the belows.

Handle_AIS_InteractiveContext AISObject;

for(i=1; i {
nIdx += 1;
gp_Pnt PosPt(m_adToolPos[nIdx], m_adToolPos[nIdx+1], m_adToolPos[nIdx+2]);

Handle(ISession_Point) PathLine=new ISession_Point(PosPt);



But, When rotating and panning , these are too slow.

So, Is there ways to reduce display objects when rotating and panning in opencascade?

Please let me know the ways.

Thank you in advance.

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Hello Dongman,
The performance you are getting is expected... If you need to improve performance, you should implement a new Interactive Object that will display all those points using the same Interactive Object, and this object you take advantage of the Primitive Array (in your case Graphic3d_ArrayOfPoints) which will be way faster than what you describe. We are able to display millions of points (between 15-80 millions is common in our case) and have good performance using NVidia Quadro 4000 graphic card.

Good luck,

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Thank you for your help.

But, I don't know about the way of Interactive Object with Graphic3d_ArrayOfPoints.

Is thre any examples or websites for that?

Thank you in advance.