How to save multiple documents in a single file.

I have a problem to save multiple documents in a single file.I am using XCAFApp_Application to open 2 documents from 2 different document files. Now I want to save this in a single XCAF document.Could u tell me how to do it because the save function which I use has the doc parameter which takes only single document.

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hi sir..
i am doing M.Tech in CAD/CAM at SGGSIE&T Nanded.. and wish to dissertation work in software development using OpenCASCADE and VC++.... and i have many doubts regarding the same..
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sir i am able to write program for modelling parts but have
i have doubts regarding...
assembly----such as can we write program for assembling parts with mating conditions....
drafting... can we have all three views with dimensions in one window..
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