how to search in the forum ?



I cannot find any way to search for an question o aswer in this new forum.

How can I do it ?


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true .. not able to locate the 'search' link

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A pretty useful thing in google is that you can focus your queries on a specific domain:

site: curvature 

That said, I see that not all posts are found this way on the topic of curvature... but it might be a stopgap solution for the moment...

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Dear Marco,

Thank you for you feedback!

You can find a search form at the upper-right corner of the pages. You will find the extended search form as soon as you type something there and press <Enter>. This form may not be available on mobile devices - we'll fix it soon.

It's important to say that our new website is being indexed right now both by search engines, like Google, and self-indexer. It means that you will not find some topics for a while.

We'd like also to mention that default web-site search is not perfect, and we realize it. We've scheduled some work to improve the search in the near future.

Best regards