How to SetLocalTransformation for my STEP model

Hey guys,
At first, I read my STEP file using STEPControl_Reader , thus getting a TopoDS_Shape. Then I transferred the TopoDS_Shape into an AIS_Shape to show the model in my context. I used SetLocalTransformation to rotate my model so I can move/rotate my robot joints.
However due to the model not being colorful, I decided to read the STEP file using STEPCAFControl_Reader and used TPrsStd_AISPresentation to show my STEP model in its original color.
But now I found difficulty in 'rotating' my model. I did not know how to "rotate" my model...At first, I tried to transfer the TPrsStd_AISPresentation into an AIS_Shape so I could still use SetLocalTransformation to rotate my model. But I failed......Then I found that I can use GetAIS() to return the context in the TPrsStd_AISPresentation, and I got a AIS_InteravtiveObject......
So...could anybody tell me Whether I could use some functions to "rotate" my TPrsStd_AISPresentation Or I could transfer the AIS_InteractiveObject I got into AIS_Shape so I could "rotate" my model in my old way......
My whole model consists of 7 STEP files, and I have 6 axies to rotate which is displayed in my attached picture.
Thanks in advance!!!
Best regards.

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Well, at the sametime, my DRAWEXE.exe throw an error when I open it.
It says: couldn't read file "D:/OpenCASCADE-7.4.0-vc14-64/src/DrawResources/DrawDefault": no such file or directory
I check my files and find that I actually HAVE the "DrawDefault" file but in another file path.
So if anyone could tell me how to change the file path, I would be grateful toooooooooooooo. : )