How speed up the visualization in AIS context ?


I have many single AIS_Interactive_Objects that I have to display.
I have done some tests to reproduce the behavior.
I have created 1000 AIS line object ,I have displayed each line in the context and I have update the viewer (UpdateCurrentViewer).
This takes 1'15'' to run and the UpdateCurrentViewer() takes 1'06'' of this time.
I know that this is not the best way to manage the screen and i have tried to refresh the viewer each 20 display of objects.
This takes 10'' to run and the UpdateCurrentViewer() takes 9'' of this time.
I cannot refresh the viewer after the display of all the lines, the best will be display each line separately.

The question is ; Is there a method to speed up the rendering done by UpdateCurrentViewer() ?

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Do you really need 1000 AIS lines? I used to draw lines like this and it was very slow.

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Hi Billy,

The 1000 lines was only a test to reproduce the behavior and check the time used to display the entities.
The application can create various types of entities (Lines,circles,shapes,...), but the problem is that the time required to display them is very high.
The app uses AIS_Interactive_context, creates the AIS_interactive_Objects and displays them in the context with Display().
I have reduced the redraw action using only cumulative UpdateCurrentViewer() but the time required is still very high.
Do you know any trick to speed up the process or any other way to display the entities ?