How to start OCC 6.2 with VC++ 6.0

Hi all,
I am new to this OCC,and already posted my topic in which i am getting ambiguity
please help me:

I am beginner for Open Cascade tool, I am trying to do the tutorial application given under the site as My First Application(To make a bottle).
I installed the OpenCascade6.2 into My PC in C:\OpenCASCADE6.2.0 and My pc is configured to 32bit,Windows Xp,Sp2.
I copied the *.awx files from C:\OpenCASCADE6.2.0\tools to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\MSDev98\Template

Then I opened the Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0----File->New, I found the following two wizards:
--Open CASCADE Technology Ocaf AppWizard
--Open CASCADE Technology Viewer3d AppWizard
1)Here,for which AppWizard I have to go?,what is the functionality of each?

First I went to “Open CASCADE Technology Ocaf AppWizard”, I gave the project name as--”First”
then it generated the following 8 files under Source Files folder:

And under Header Files folder:

2)Here under source files In which file I have to start coding,which is the main function—What is the each file functionality, give me the detailed information as I am new to this technology, also for header files.
3)After writing the code, what is the process to compiling and executing.
4)What are the files I have to set for OCC,like
--projects->settings->?????????????(What I have to set here like include files,src files,lib files,exe files)
--Tools/options->???????????(What I have to set here)
--What r the environmental variables I have to set,give me the complete path

To achieve My First Application(Make Bottle)--give me the complete process from installing the Open Cascade to get the output as Bottle.

Please give me reply

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Hi Manohar,

I guess you did'nt search the forum enough before posting. Anyways the quick answer is to run ANY OCC sample or your own application that you might have developed using App-Wizard - needs "environment" to be set - EVEN FOR COMPILING the project.
My suggestion before you start going the "App-Wizard" route, try opening the samples and compile then (run them) to your satisfaction. There are many useful samples out there.
Remember to read a bit on the .BAT files provided to start your Visual Studio (MSDEV or DEVENV).

The bottom line is you need to start your Visual Studio under a specific environment to be able to compile the code. Once it is compiled then you could run it on your machine (assuming you have installed OCC). While deploying your application it might helpful to take a look at a "CHM" help file generated by the community that depicts how would one go about deploying an OCC application.

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I also want to get the .awx file.Could you send it to me ?