How to start in Visual Studio 2005 MFC Dialog based

I've tried examples..but there's no example in Dialog based..

I can modify examples and make some shape I want.
(but it's not dialog based)

I can't make my own project..

Could u tell me how to start ot send me samples

I'd like to see shapes on the Picture Control on the form.

Tell me what do I have to do..plz

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You don't need a Picture control class, just a CWnd derived class covering all OCC functionality.

Instance the class in this way at OnInitDialog(), and that's all:

if (!m_occ.Create(NULL, _T("OCC"), WS_CHILD|WS_VISIBLE, CRect(235, 0, 410, 175), this, IDC_OCC))

like other controls created dinamically.

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I want to display a 2D truss structure dynamicly,can you tell me how to do or how to find some samples on this topic,thanks very much!

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Hi, nice to see a Korean, here!

You can find the example of Dialog based OCC in the HLR sample provided by OCC installation.
It's very simple and not so different with ordinary OCC applications...

I hope this helps...

Sangsu Lee