How to use AIS2D in OCC4.0?

Hello everybody:

I have just known that there is a new package AIS2D to implement the presentation and selection in 2D, replacing the old ISession2D_InteractiveContext & ISession2D_InteractiveObject. But from manual & CDL file I couldn't find the information how to construct a AIS2D_InteractiveObject so to display it. How to combine AIS2D with 2d geometry package such as Geom2d? Any instruction or sample codes will be highly appreciated.


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I 've tried to combine AIS2D_InteractiveContext and objects derived from AIS2D_InteractiveObject. It complies, but AIS2D_InteractiveContext.Display(...) doesnt't work.

Do you have s solution?


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Yeah! No any result can be shown. I have modified the Sample2DDisplay code as following: replace ISession2D_InteractiveContext with AIS2D_InteractiveContext, replace ISession2D_InteractiveObject with AIS2D_InteractiveObject, these code compiles, but just as you say, doesn't work. Three days ago, I email my modified code to, they reproduce the same result, but no solution.