how to use compiled oct files in C#

hi everyone
I've compiled OCC source files using vs 2012 successfully but I had some warnings. I used custom.bat, env.bat for configuring compilation environment according to the instructions on the site and didn't use optional third party tools. but I don't know how to use compiled files in my C# project. I tried to add tkstl.dll through references in visual studio because I need to write an simple app for opening stl files and encountered with message (a reference to drive:\...\tkstl.dll could not be added. please make sure that the file is accessible, and that it's a valid assembly or COM component). I also used ildasm.exe and got that tkstl.dll is not an assembly but only a dll. please help me. I'm new in programming.
thank you so much

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Hi, Mohmammmad:
If you want use C++ in your C# project, you can try Managed C++,
I have used the method to export the model to STL, STEP files...