How to use the DFBrowser function in my own application

There is a DFBrowser function in the example of 10_Ocaf.When I want to realize this function in my OCAF application,what can I do? Thank you.

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0/. Generate your OCAF application with the OcafAppWizard.
1/. Define the path of your DFBrowser library : set the system variable "PATH" to the value "C:\OpenCASCADE6.1.0\tools\ocafbrowser\win32\qt\lib" or "C:\OpenCASCADE6.1.0\tools\ocafbrowser\win32\fl\lib" according to the library of your choice.
2/. Add the DFBrowser.lib (and the TKLCAF.lib if absent) at your project.
3/. Don’t forget the : #include
4/. Use the code “DebugBrowser::DFBrowser(OCAFDoc);” to launch the DFBrowser function and enjoy…