How to use OCAF in OCC 6.9 with VS2013

Is there anybody koowing how to use OCAF in OCC6.9?
I know there is no OCAF in OCC 6.9, but I've seen it in SAMPLES!!

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Dear Leo,
Usage of OCAF in OCCT6.9.0 is the same as before.
See for details "OCAF User's Guide" (occt_ocaf.pdf).

Best regards

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Dear sir,
I'm a newcomer with OCC.
And actually I don't know how to run/use OCC.
Having scaned the occt_ocaf.pdf, I still don't how to set up in VS2013.
In fact, I just want to see the OCC screen, you konw, the gray screen.
So, could you tell me in detail?
Best wishes