How to use occ-methods like TColgp_Array2OfVec2d in external packages...


always when i try to use OCC-Methods in own-created Source-codes, specially Collection-methods like TColgp_Array2OfVec2d, i get an error message like "You Can not use private members..."

Example of my code...

TColgp_Array2OfVec2d uvParam_BSP(Handle(Geom_Surface) Surface, math_Matrix xyzMatrix);
Neither i get return type from TColgp_Array2OfVec2d nor i can use it as input object.

Is that a generally problem with OCC ? I use OCC 5.2 (VS 2003 .NET)

thanx i lot!

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it is because the Copy contructor of TColgp_Array2OfVec2d is private, and you need it when returning your object.
I suggest you to use Handle(TColgp_HArray2OfVec2d)



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I thank you so much, Stephane!

yeah, that way, it does...