How to use 'TKIGES.dll' file in existing MFC application...

Hello OC colleagues,
This is 'Manoj Chordia'. I want to use TKIGES.lib/Dll in my VC++/MFC application.....I have added these files in my project...Set all the required paths...But I get error whenever I try to create object of "IGESControl_Reader" class...I also tried to use '_declspec(dllimport)' keywords before declaration of "IGESControl_Reader" class...but in vain....Can anybody guide me regarding this problem...What I need to use to access IGES classes & functions in my MFC application?

Thanks & Regards,
Manoj Chordia.

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You will almost certainly need more than just TKIGES.lib, but it is difficult to diagnose your problem without the error message. What is the message? Is it a compile error, link error, or runtime error?