i would like to find centroid plane surface

Dear sir.

I would like to find cetroid point of plane surface.

Please tell me how do i!


Please.. thanks..

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I solve the problem..


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Could you please tell me how you solved it? Is there an Open Cascade function that already exists to compute the centroid of a face?

I know how to compute the centroid of a polygone, but not when some edges are circles, ellipses, and so on.

Answer from anyone would be appreciated. Thanks


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I'm not sure, but i think you may try using the triangulation. The polygonOnTriangulation gives you the aproximated linear polygon of any surface.

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You could try calling BRepGProp::SurfaceProperties and then get center of mass. This is a general approach for any type of geometry.

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Thanks a lot.
The two approachs work well. Thank you guys, it's very nice of you.