Ideas on how to append attributes to object?

how to append like OCAF or other OCC data scheme or something to maybe a AIS shape or TF Shape?
I would like to append attributes to object so that individual shapes would have attributes like object type, fill, color, material etc.

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  Dear John,

Normally the reverse dependency is implemented. In OCAF all the visualization attributes are stored to support save/open or undo/redo for displayed shapes too. Please, take a look at TPrsStd_AISPresentation class and the whole TPrsStd package created for this.




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thanks for pointing the way, appreciate it. One more question to bother you about. Do you have a example on this that I could look at?

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You can consider some samples provided with OCCT sources:

  • samples/ocafsamples/TPrsStd_Sample.cxx  - just a piece of example code
  • samples/OCCTOverview - a simple application based on OCAF features